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Online Advertising and Sponsorships

At the Philippine Nurses Association of New York, Inc. (PNA-NY) our sponsorship program consists of grants in support of various subsections of our website as well as regional, national, and international conventions. No editorial statement or endorsement of any company or product is allowed as part of any sponsorship grant. If you wish to take part in online advertising with us, see our advertising guidelines below. We seek to help all nurses within the New York City area.

Advertising Guidelines

Our website is a dynamic media which regularly updates materials of interest for its members. Advertising placed on the PNA-NY website must serve a moral, educational, and professional purpose for the people involved for site inclusion. PNA-NY reserves the right to reject advertising copy and materials and to remove any advertisement at any time.

Acceptance of any advertisement does not indicate an endorsement by PNA-NY of the products or services promoted, the company, or the claims made. Any ads posted on our site may not use the PNA-NY seal, name, or imply the involvement of our business or the promoted products.

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Scholarship Opportunity

Are you in need of a scholarship to make it through your schooling? The Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA) will award any viable nurses a scholarship of $2,000.00 from AETNA and the National Coalition of Ethnic Minority Nurses Association (NCEMNA).